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My Services

Put a land plan in place that will be regenerating for generations

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Whole Farm Planning and Design

A Comprehensive and Holistic Approach

Guiding you through the whole process of intentionally designing your farm to be regenerative - socially, financially and ecologically. Starting with clarity around your intentions, incorporating mapping, analysis of the land and going through the whole process from broad picture concepts to fully costed technical designs, everything will be accounted for!

Regenerative Garden Design

Small Scale Abundance

From highly complex, exciting Forest Gardens for foraging to highly ordered, aesthetic No-Dig Market Gardens for intensive production, I can work with you to create abundant spaces, providing a wide range of vegetables, fruits and nuts, on the small scale of your garden or surrounding fields.

Lean Process Improvement

Remove Waste

Learn about all the different forms of waste that exist, how to identify them using different time, motion and value studies and, most importantly, how to remove them so that your project becomes a smooth, tidy and efficient operation.

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Integrated Silviculture

Properly placed trees can bring a myriad of benefits for your livestock, crops and wildlife such as greater weight gain, more drought tolerance, wind mitigation and habitat for predatory birds and insects.

Holistic Planned Grazing

Managing Grassland Ecosystems

Partner with your animals to create a rich and abundant habitat to fully support their health, all your wildlife and increase your income - by capturing more sunlight energy, sequestering more carbon and storing more water.

Low Stress Cattle Handling

Building a Connection

How does a cow see the world? 
What are their needs, desires and behaviours? What increases or decreases their stress levels?

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Map Making

Mapping from LiDAR Data

From the base LiDAR data I can create a wide range of maps such as Contour, Slope, Hill Shade and Height Maps. All can be exported as KML, JPEG or similar files.


Abundant Biodiversity

Understand the principles behind this popular regenerative technique so you can effectively integrate it into your management with the support of your team and still generate revenue from the land.


Expert Guidance

Whether regular meetings or ad-hoc phone calls, I'm happy to transfer my knowledge and skills to you however I can.