Reko Ring

A 'click and collect' farmers market for Hampshire

REKO is derived from Finnish, an abbreviation of ‘real consumption’ and is also a play on words (in Finnish) as REKO means nice and fair. It was started by Thomas Snellman, a Finnish farmer (see his Ted Talk at the bottom) and has since expanded to over 1,000 such rings worldwide, mostly in Scandinavia, but all across Europe, South Africa, Australia and the Americas as well.

A REKO Ring is essentially an online pre-sold farmers market, where local producers group together to sell their goods online and then drop them off to the customers in an agreed location, usually a local car park, once a week, within an hour window. All produce must be sold beforehand and there is no selling allowed on site, so as not to incur any trading laws.

All goods must be produced by the producer themselves with absolute transparency about how they were produced. There is no reselling allowed as the purpose is to create a direct link between the producer and the consumer.


1. Join the email list / Follow us on Social Media

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2. Order from the Producers' Websites

  1. You will receive an email each week with a selection of producers for the REKO you have signed up for.

  2. There will be links to the specific REKO Ring website where you may purchase your goods.

  3. Choose 'REKO' as a delivery option at the checkout.

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3. Pick up your local produce!

You will be able to collect all the products you have ordered from the REKO ring you have chosen at the specific time and place mentioned in the email.


The Benefits

What advantages does this sales and distribution model have over supermarkets, farmers markets and individual delivery?

Farmers Selling Vegetables

The Benefits for Consumers

  • A convenient, affordable and efficient way to buy fresh, ethical, local produce

  • An opportunity to support local farmers and their families, doing their utmost to look after the environment

  • A direct relationship with the lovely people who produce your food

  • Reduce food waste, food miles and middlemen

  • Increase stability and resiliency in your food supply chain


The Benefits for Producers

  • Increases profitability for local producers by cutting out middlemen (often with hidden fees or commisions) and minimising waste, packaging and delivery costs

  • Producers can set their own prices with transparency, creating healthy competition

  • An opportunity to create a local food community, interacting directly with their customers

  • Saves a lot of time compared to traditional farmers markets or individual delivery



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1. 10:00 - 10:30am on Saturdays

Area 8 (1st left after entrance)

East Winchester Park and Ride (St Catherine's)

Garnier Road, Winchester

SO23 9NP

w3w: farmer.richer.unafraid

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Reko Resources

Websites and videos with more information

REKO Producer Guidelines

The guidelines that producer-members of our REKO ring follow

REKO Customer Guidelines

The guidelines that customer-members of our REKO Ring follow

Map of Scandinavian REKO Rings

Over 500 REKO Rings in Scandinavia alone!

Reko Ring networking and resources

If you want to create your own REKO, this page has some excellent resources