Since it was incepted in 2012 the Regrarians Platform® has provided people around the world with a planning process that is holistic, inclusive and thorough. Its 10 layers are adapted from the 8 factor ’Keyline® Scale of Permanence’ that the renowned P.A. Yeomans outlined in 1958.

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Regrarians Platform® Layers

A Comprehensive Aide Memoire for Farm Planning

  1. Climate - Holistic decision making, Anthropological context (Culture, Regulations, Risk) and Biospheric Climate (Weather, Temperature, Precipitation)

  2. Geography - Landform, Demography, Geology and Mapping (Topographical, Aerial, Surveying)

  3. Water - Rehydration of the land for humans, their enterprises and the ecosystem (Harvesting, Storage, Reticulation, Effluent Treatment)

  4. Access - Access for People, Vehicles (Paths, Tracks, Roads) and Utilities (Electricity, Telephony, Other)

  5. Ecology - The overall agroecology (flora, fauna, fungi, algae, bacteria and other biota) including Livestock, Crops and Forestry and the integration of these elements.

  6. Buildings - The design, placement and construction of Living Spaces, Agricultural Buildings and Portable Infrastructure.

  7. Fencing - The design, placement and construction of Fences (Permanent, Electric, Living, Shepherdry)

  8. Soils - Everything to do with Soil - Types, Tests (Geotechnic/Agronomic) and the most cost effective Treatments with which to regenerate soil.

  9. Energy - The Generation and Storage of Energy (Photosynthesis, Fuel, Electricity), and Machinery

  10. Economy - Analysis, Strategy and Planning of the various capital flows.


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Regrarians® Workplace

Lifetime Access to the Regrarians® Workplace — an exclusive regenerative agriculture forum and content/project management platform with 1000s of members from every continent.
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Regrarians® Library

Full Access to the Regrarians Platform® Resources, an extraordinary catalogue of support materials for any Regrarian.
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Online Trainings

Google Earth Pro for Mapping and Concept Design — Pre-recorded full coverage of Google Earth Pro and how we use it in our professional practice. Technical support included.

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QGIS for Mapping and Design — Access to our extensive and systematic in-depth coverage of QGIS featuring hundreds of pre-recorded edited videos. Technical support included. 

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QGIS for Forestry and Cultivation — Pre-recorded training outlining in painstaking detail our own workflow for designing forestry and cultivation layouts for precision implementation using QGIS. Technical support included.

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REX® Archive

Full Access to all previous REX® recorded Webinars.
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REX® Online Farm Planning Program

The REX® is the world's leading online farm planning program that gives you all the tools you need to develop your own farm plan, whatever the size of your property. A minimum of 1 REX Online programs per year – if 2 REX are run over the year of your subscription then you can do both. 
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