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Regenerative Agriculture Internships at Burntwood Farm 2022

Updated: Apr 15

We are very excited to announce we are offering 3 residential placements for a 4 month internship from 5th June to 25th September 2022 at Burntwood Farm (Instagram, Facebook), a mixed regenerative farm, with Aberdeen Angus cattle, arable crops and woodland situated near Winchester in Hampshire, UK. Join us in regenerating our farm ecosystem including the people, wildlife and local community!

Some of the actions we are taking at the moment to regenerate the land and community are

  • Increasing the area of grassland in order to outwinter cattle on grass and hay alone, using Holistic Planned Grazing to regenerate our soil and wider ecosystem.

  • Stopping use of fertilisers, herbicides and wormers on all our grassland

  • Selling our own Aberdeen Angus beef boxes locally

  • Starting a local REKO ring, collaborating with other local producers to deliver high quality, ethical produce to the local community.

  • Building yurts to house future training programs

  • Devoting certain areas to afforestation

  • Installing renewable energy systems - photovoltaic panels to produce electricity and a biomass boiler to produce heat (using woodchip from our own woodland)

The placement will be a mixture of practical farm work and classroom learning, facilitated by Edmund Sutcliffe, farm manager and integrated consultant with experience in Holistic Management, the Regrarians Platform and Permaculture

You will gain education and experience in:

  • Holistic Decision Making, Planned Grazing and Financial Planning

  • Cattle Management, Low Stress Handling and Mob Breeding

  • Water and Fencing Infrastructure

  • Woodland and Scrub Management

  • Whole Farm Planning and Design

  • Timber Framed Building

  • No-dig Market Gardening

  • Food Forest Creation

  • Practical Farm Skills

  • Beekeeping

We are looking for individuals who:

  • Can commit full time to farm work for 4 months. Livestock do not take days off!

  • Are physically fit and able, intelligent and self-starting

  • Are excited to learn about all aspects of Regenerative Agriculture

  • Would like to set up their own projects and would like training in how to do that in the most effective way

  • Full driving license

  • Farming or business experience is welcomed but not required

Schedule (dependant on weather and other factors)

Monday to Friday

  • 0800-1300: Farm Work

  • 1300-1400: Shared Lunch

  • 1400-1800: Classroom/Projects


  • Generally downtime but basic responsibilities are carried out during the day

  • Organisational meetings usually happen on Sunday evenings

Structure (Arriving on Sunday 5th June)

​Week 1

​Farm Tour, Low Stress Livestock Handling, Practical Farm Skills, Fencing, Knots

​Week 2

Whole Farm Planning, Design and Management (Introduction to Holistic Management, the Regrarians Platform, Permaculture and Lean Thinking)

​​Week 3

Holistic Context Development, Decision Making and Context Checking, Self-Authoring, Self-Evaluation

​Week 4

Legal and Regulatory, Agreements, Legal Structures

​Week 5

Data Collection, Site Analysis, Mapping and Surveying, Google Earth, QGIS

​Week 6

Water Systems, Storage, Infrastructure, Sewerage, Aquaculture

​Week 7

Access Routes, Vehicles, Utilities

​Week 8

Ecosystem Processes, Local Ecology, Biodiversity, Beekeeping

​Week 9

Forest Ecology, Tree Systems, Agroforestry, Tree Nursery, Stratification, Propagation

​Week 10

Holistic Planned Grazing, Pasture Ecology, Cattle Management

Week 11

Buildings, Construction, Maintenance, Timber framed structures

Week 12

Permanent and Temporary Fencing Systems, Yards

Week 13

No-dig Market Gardening, Soil Food Web, Compost, Compost Teas, IMOs, Biochar

Week 14

Renewable Fuel/Electricity Generation and Storage, Tools, Machinery

Week 15

Lean Management, 8 Wastes, 5S, Visual Management

Week 16

Holistic Financial Planning, Products, Marketing, Sales, Bill of Quantities, Accounting

Accommodation will be provided free of charge, this includes gas, water and electricity. Internet access will be available through Wi-Fi in certain places but not in the accommodation. Food provided will be our own beef, venison, rabbit, pigeon, eggs, fruit and vegetables.

To apply send your CV and a 2 minute video introduction to and we will be in touch!

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