• Edmund Sutcliffe

My Workflow for Projects

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

A flexible 15 step process that I have developed over several years to best serve my clients in their design and planning needs.

This is a summary of the main steps we will go through, depending on your requirements, that will provide a comprehensive and holistic process for you to fully understand your land, your interaction with it and how to improve that relationship.

1. Initial Consultation - Online, 1 Hour

  • Get in touch through my Contact Form

  • Describe yourself, your project and your desired outcomes.

2. Proposal

3. Holistic Context Development - 3+ Hours

  • Read Part 3: The Holistic Context, Ch. 8 and 9, pages 72 - 93 of Holistic Management: A Commonsense Revolution to Restore Our Environment by Allan Savory and Jody Butterfield. (If you read the whole book, even better but not required!)

  • Clarify your Whole Under Management

  • Develop your Holistic Context

  • Read Part 6: Holistic Decision Making, Ch. 24 - 31, pages 262 - 324 of Holistic Management

  • I will provide feedback on your Whole Under Management and Holistic Context

4. Property Boundary - Desktop, 1 Hour

  • Create a Project Area outline in Google Earth Pro, export it as a .kmz file and send it to me

  • I can do this myself if you send me a good quality boundary map

5. Map Production - Desktop, 1-3+ Hours

  • From the base LiDAR data (sometimes provided by DEFRA, otherwise can be created by drone with DroneDeploy) I can create a wide range of maps for your project including Contour, Slope, Hillshade and Height Maps.

6. Planning and Design Checklist - Onsite, 2-5+ Hours

  • Fill in the relevant parts of this Checklist to fully account for all the different aspects of your project

  • It will cover Climate, Legal and Regulatory conditions, Geography, Site Analysis, Demography, Water, Utilities, Access, Ecology, Buildings, Fencing, Soils, Energy, Waste and more.

7. Project Walk 'n' Talk and Ecosystem Processes Analysis - Onsite, 2-5+ Hours

  • Walk/drive over the property, troubleshooting and generating suggestions for themes of development and management

  • Analysis of how the four Ecosystem Processes are functioning on your land now and a discussion of how they could function in the future

8. Lean Management and Process Improvement - Onsite and Desktop, 3-5+ Hours

  • Process Mapping - Value Stream, SIPOC, Spaghetti Diagram, Swimlane Diagram etc.

  • Waste Identification - Gemba Walk and 5S

  • Problem Solving - Mistake Proofing, Visual Management and DMAIC

9. Concept Planning - Onsite and Desktop, 2-5+ Hours

  • Broad picture of possible development and management options, processes and treatments

10. Feedback - Online/Desktop

  • Take time to think through the ideas and options discussed

  • Use the Holistic Decision Making process to make sure any decision you make is in line with your Holistic Context

11. Technical Design - Desktop, 4-15+ Hours

  • Detailed technical plans developed to varying degrees according to client's expectations and budget

12. Reports - Desktop, 4-15+ Hours

  • Short and long reports that outline the unique features of the project that you are undertaking the development and management of.

13. Bill of Quantities - Desktop, 4-15+ Hours

  • Estimates of development dimensions, materials and costs

14. Final Feedback - Online/Desktop

  • Take time to look through all the plans and designs created

  • Use the Holistic Decision Making process to make sure any decision you make is in line with your Holistic Context

15. Follow Up - Online, Desktop and Onsite

  • Ongoing mentoring, assistance and supervision, charged on a pro rata basis

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