Holistic Management gives us the power to regenerate grasslands from an ecological, economic, and social perspective.

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Why are our technological achievements reaching untold heights i.e. spacecraft, robotics, AI, prosthetic limbs etc but we are suffering from increasing problems such as desertification, poverty, disease, climate change and ecological breakdown? The distinction is between things we MAKE and things we MANAGE.

Things we MAKE are COMPLICATED. They have parts which combined together create the whole. When you remove the battery, the car no longer works. They are predictable, can be controlled and are not self organising. These are all the mechanical, technological tools that we use today. Everything from a spoon to a spaceship.

Things we MANAGE are COMPLEX. They are self organising. They have patterns which evolve. They are made up of wholes which form greater wholes which all overlap and interact with one another. They can also bifurcate, meaning can split into two or give birth to new forms. Remove a species and the ecosystem continues on in a changed form.

We only manage 3 things: PEOPLE, NATURE and MONEY.